The Polar network continues to grow with a new 50kW Ultracharge installed at Malvern Spa Hotel, WR14 1GD alongside a 7kW double socketed Fastcharge.


Offering double to charging options to guests and visitors to the site, the Malvern Spa Hotel is located just a few minutes from the M5.

Both units are available to Polar Plus members at 9p per kWh (+ VAT) and Polar Instant users at £6 for 30 minutes for the rapid charger and 9p per kWh for the Fastcharge unit.

Malvern Spa Hotel has excellent facilities on site, including a restaurant, as well as some shops nearby, and fills a gap in the West Midlands charging infrastructure.


The Malvern Spa Hotel, Grovewood Road, Malvern, WR14 1GD


25th July 2018