Holiday Inn Express York have had a new 50kW Ultracharge installed and it is now active on the Polar network.


Based just outside York and off the A64 AND a1237, the new charge point is available to hotel guests as well as visitors at 9p per kWh (+VAT) for Polar Plus members and £6 for 30 minutes on our pay as you go app, Polar Instant, offering CHAdeMO, Type 2 and CCS charging cables.

As with other IHG sites, Holiday Inn Express York offers great facilities for those charging their car during their stay, as well as those just popping in for a quick charge along their journey.

Parking restrictions apply at this site, so please make sure to register your vehicle with the hotel reception to avoid any potential fines.


Holiday Inn Express York, Malton Road, North Yorkshire, York, YO32 9TE


3rd July 2018