Bedford receives it’s second 50kW rapid charger with an installation by Chargemaster at Greyfriars Car Park, along with the added bonus of an adjacent 7kW Fastcharge unit also installed at the site.

Located within walking distance of Bedford’s Harpur Shopping Centre, the new site offers great facilities for EV drivers just dropping in for a quick rapid charge as well as those needing more time or without rapid charging capabilities.

The installation of an Ultracharge and Fastcharge combo is something we hope to continue as we develop and grow the POLAR network further.

The units are both available at 9p per kWh for POLAR plus members, as well as an additional 75p connection fee, which is only applied to the 7kW Fastcharge unit. On POLAR instant, the Fastcharge unit charges at a rate of £1.50 per hour while the Ultracharge unit is available for £6 for 30 minutes; the pay as you go connection charge of £1.20 also applies to these units.


Greyfriars Car Park, 40-42 Greyfriars, Bedford, MK40 1JD