Starbucks have added another site to the Polar network with two matching 50kW Ultracharge units installed at their newly renovated site, Starbucks Belvedere.


Installed pride of place at the front of the new building, the units have built in charging cables, including CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2, allowing multiple rapid capable electric vehicle models to charge at the units.

The site is well placed, situated right next to Travelodge London Belvedere as well as the Morgan Belvedere restaurant, and a short walk to the Crossness Nature Reserve.

The units are both available to Polar Plus members at 9p per kWh (+ VAT) and on the Polar Instant app at £6 for 30 minutes.

Please make sure to be aware of any parking restrictions for the site.


Starbucks Belvedere, Clydesdale Way, Belvedere, DA17 6LD


11th September 2018