The Polar Tesla Model X participated in the Big Learner Relay this month, alongside Phil Cuthell as part of the Polar EV Experience and all in aid of BBC Children In Need.

Find out how they got on below:


“The 2017 Big Learner Relay features driving instructors and pupils across the country all getting together to raise money for Children in Need. Driving Instructors will be relaying a top box, (the kind you see on the roof of their cars), from one driving lesson to another around England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Day one of the relay was in Northern Ireland on Wednesday 1st November.  The top box then continued its convoy around the rest of the UK from Friday 3rd November.  The grand finale was convoying through Knowsley Safari Park on Friday 17th November on Children in Need Appeal Day 2017. The route this year was 14 days long, covered 3000+ miles, and involved over 190 lead driving lessons with many thousands of instructors and pupils joining the convoy including the POLAR Tesla Model X with me and Pudsey on board!

The loan of the Tesla from Polar raised the profile of the relay massively, with instructors and members of the public alike noticing the car (complete with signature Big Learner Relay spots) and getting involved in the fundraising effort. A Tesla driver approached me while I was at a Supercharger as they had noticed the car with the spots on, they were really interested in the event, they kindly donated and also promoted the relay on an online Tesla forum.

On a personal level, borrowing the Tesla X was an amazing experience. The breath taking performance, sheer luxury and outstanding range made it a pleasure to drive whilst knowing that it was raising funds for charity. That made it even more satisfying to know that funds were being raised while having the time of my life…..

The total raised over the 4 years the relay has been running is now well in excess of £300,000, with the 2017 total closing on the night at £67,872 and this is still going up every day as people continue to collect donations in from generous sponsors.”

– Phil Cuthell, Polar Plus member


If you would like to know more about the relay, please visit the website


23rd November 2017