How much does it cost to charge on the bp pulse network?

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription users get access to over 7,000 charge points nationwide, our best value tariffs, free charging on selected bp pulse points and a physical access card. All for £7.85 (incl. VAT) per month. All new members also receive the first 3 months’ subscription free.

And if I don’t want a subscription?

You can access the bp pulse network on a pay-as-you-go basis just at a higher kWh tariff than a subscription, starting from £0.18/kWh and all charges are subject to a minimum spend of £1.20. Just download the bp pulse app and top-up at least £5 to start a charge.

Can I use my contactless bank card?

Most of our bp pulse50 50kW and all of our bp pulse150 150kW chargers are fitted with a contactless bank card terminal. Tariffs start at £0.42p/kWh and all charges are subject to a minimum spend of £1.50. We’ll also take a pre-authorisation charge of £15 or £30 on 50kW or 150kW chargers respectively.

What is the tariff price of electricity on bp pulse charge points on the network?

Tariff (per kWh) AC charger 43 AC / 50kW DC charger 150kW DC charger
Subscription 12p 15p 27p
Free membership 18p 25p 42p
Contactless or Guest 25p 30p 42p

Are there any additional charges I may have to pay?

A £10 per hour overstay fee applies to anyone charging for over 90 minutes on our 50kW or 150kW chargers to ensure our most popular units are being used appropriately. This will be taken directly from your available credit on your account or applied to your next subscription monthly invoice.

What about posts which aren’t hosted on the bp pulse network?

There will be some posts which are not owned by bp pulse but do appear on our Live Map – these charge points are most likely owned by the site host. Some of these charge points may have tariffs that are different to our standard tariffs and some may not work with the bp pulse app as they do not communicate with our servers. To see individual post pricing, please visit our live map.

How do I view my charging history?

If you’ve joined bp pulse as a subscription or PAYG customer, you can view your charging history in the bp pulse app. Just sign up and start charging. Your history will display in your account section.

If you used a charge point with your contacless bank card, you’ll need to email with your contact information, the charge point number and location, the date and time you charged and the monetary amount.