We’re celebrating a year of partnership with OVO Energy and their EV Everywhere tariff.


Last year, Chargemaster and Polar partnered with OVO Energy, providing green and renewable energy to our full network of charge points, and starting the EV Everywhere tariff, exclusively for electric vehicle drivers.

As part of this partnership, all EV Everywhere customers who sign up to Polar Plus, or are existing members, receive an exclusive 2-year free membership offer, saving customers £188 each.

We’ve had 1,448 people take advantage of this offer so far, with a total of £272,224 saved in total.

Find out what 2 of our customers, Sam Clarke and Colin Sinclaire, have thought about their OVO/Polar partnership 1 year on:


Why did you join OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere tariff?

Sam Clarke: “I like the idea of green electric powering my home but I was mainly drawn to the inclusive charging network option with Polar Plus as I’m an EV driver.”

Colin Sinclaire: “I have been an OVO customer for quite a few years, having wanted to go for a more Eco Tariff and dump the “Big 6” energy companies I had been with in the past. I found OVO first whilst doing an annual price comparison website. I heard about the Everywhere Tariff from online contacts I have on Twitter, as I do online blogging there about mainly Electric Vehicles and renewable energy. When I heard I could get 2 years free Polar I jumped at the chance, as I was already a Polar Plus customer anyway.”


What have been the benefits of your OVO/Polar partnership?

Sam Clarke: “Availability to ‘opportunity charging’ events when I am not travelling my usual routes. I have made the most of this in the City when attending meeting. The commercial combination of Polar and City of London parking easily outweighs the unreliable Source London network.”

Colin Sinclaire: “We have 2 Nissan Leafs in our family and so having a Polar Plus / OVO Membership is really excellent. I was already a Polar and an OVO customer even before the partnership so this worked out really good. I have a work destination charger 7kW so effectively I now get this charging for free as these are included within the membership. I also prefer using the Polar Ultrachargers on long trips because of their reliability, speed and great locations. Even when I paid the £7.85 Polar Plus membership I worked out that due to the cheap 10.8p/kW cost I saved the cost of membership if  I used a Rapid Charger more than twice on any month compared to other Rapid Chargers. So with 2 years free membership this saving was even bigger. Win win situation as far as I was concerned.”


9th August 2018