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Once you’ve switched to OVO Energy, set up your account here. If you’re already a member, please log-in to connect your OVO account.

Access to over 7,000 charge points across the UK with an easy-to-use card or key fob, sent to you within 2 working days.

OVO Energy will pay your subscription fee for 2 years, saving you £149. All you have to pay are the electricity costs on our chargeable units from just 12p per kWh.

Additional access to the Charge Your Car (CYC) network included in your membership – that’s over 2,000 additional points. See our live map here with availability and costs.

Simply register on this page using your e-mail address and OVO account number and we can get you charging on our network.

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You must be an OVO energy EV Everywhere customer to qualify for 2 years free. If you haven’t signed up to OVO just yet, please click here. If you are not an OVO energy member, you will qualify for 3 months free membership and then be charged £7.85 a month.

*You will be charged for any electricity costs incurred, even during the period that OVO energy subsidise your subscription fee. The majority of our sites are free to use.
For the others, you will be charged from just 12p per kWh. To see which charge points have electricity costs, please see our live map.