Chargemaster has partnered with energy provider, OVO, to bring clean and renewable energy to our customers.

Tom Pakenham, OVO’s EV Director reveals how OVO and Chargemaster’s shared vision for the future of carbon-free transport – and its unique relationship with the UK energy industry – will benefit Chargemaster customers.

CM: What is OVO’s vision with electric vehicles?

TP: Our vision is to support the mass uptake of electric vehicles and in doing so help to create a clean energy system. We will do this by developing cutting edge technology and providing cool energy solutions at great value to EV owners.

CM: How does vehicle-to-grid technology benefit electric car customers?

TP: Considering that more than 90% of cars are parked at any one time, there’s a lot of under-utilised battery storage out there. Two-way electric car chargers enable homeowners with electric cars to sell their energy back to the grid, turning their homes into private mini-power stations. This will allow electric car owners to manage their own energy, reduce their reliance on their energy companies and maybe even become energy independent if they have renewables installed.

CM: How will the Chargemaster + OVO Energy partnership benefit customers?

TP: Our vision is to build a complete charging solution for electric vehicle owners made up of Chargemaster’s winning hardware, and our smart grid software and energy tariffs. We’re really proud of our first bundle in collaboration with Chargemaster named EV Everywhere [link to EVE page]. It brings real additional value and price security for EV owners. In future, any charge points we offer will be supplied by Chargemaster and installed by ChargedEV. We think that having this vertically integrated approach will increase efficiencies, drive down costs for customers and improve customer experience.


15th September 2017