Are you a fleet manager needing multiple Polar Plus cards under one corporate account?

We’ve introduced the perfect solution for you, Polar Corporate.
This allows you to manage all of your memberships under one account, with one direct debit.

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Access to over 7,000 charge points across the UK with easy-to-use cards or key fobs for your staff or fleet at just £6.54 per month (excl. VAT) per card.*

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Central billing with the ability to add driver names and vehicle registrations so you receive a simple usage report and invoice each month.

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Access our network of 150kW Ultra-Fast chargers, rolling out to BP Forecourts exclusively.

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24/7 support for your drivers with our friendly customer service team.

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Are you interested in dedicated charging hubs for fleets?

*You will be charged for any electricity costs incurred. The majority of our sites are free to use.
For the others, you will be charged on a per kWh rate. To see which charge points have electricity costs, please see our live map.