De Rougemont Manor Hotel has installed a state of the art 50kW Ultracharge rapid charger at their site, as well as eye-catching blue bay marking included.


Just off the M25, between junctions 28 and 29, the site is a great addition to the Polar network, and is available to both Polar Plus members at 9p per kWh (+ VAT) and Polar Instant users for £6 for 30 minutes.

The Ultracharge unit itself offers up to 50kW charging and includes built-in CHAdeMO, CCS and AC cables and easy to use display.

Parking restrictions apply at this site, so please make sure to register your vehicle with the hotel reception to avoid any potential fines.


De Rougemont Manor, Great Warley Street, Great Warley, Brentwood, CM13 3JP


4th July 2018